The Project
The purpose of this project was to experiment with the body tracking technology built into PoseBlocks made by MIT Media Lab.  It was just something fun I did and I used my hands as the sensors for the "pong" paddles. 
It took about a day in April 2021
Demo Video
How I made PosePong
Step 1: I did the ‘Pong Game’ tutorial that is in the Scratch library to learn how to make a Pong game
Step 2: I added the’ Body Sensing’ Extension by clicking the ‘Add Extension’ button at the bottom left-hand side of the screen
Step 3: Kept playing around with blocks and sprites and operations until the game worked… almost like a game would work in the real world. It was a real trial and error process.
Step 4: I quit my UX Design job to become a Scratch Developer
Step 5: Instantly regretted step 4 and begged for my job back
Step 6: Continued to develop scratch games into my late 60s and retired in a shack on the coast of the Korean Peninsula
Step 7: So I don’t know why I made steps because this is not a tutorial and these are also really unhelpful steps
If you can figure out how to make cooler things, let me know! Let’s have a chat about it via email.
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