‘Hanashi’ is a tool that language learners can use on their smart home speakers and mobile devices to engage in foreign language conversation within the home. The tool was named after the Japanese word for ‘talk’ or ‘story’.
In the language of their choice, the 'Hanashi' voice assistant prompts users to recall vocabulary and pronounce different objects in the home. The user is then asked follow-up questions to prompt further spontaneous conversation.
Conversation Design and Voice User Interface Design
Voice User Interface Design (VUI Design) is a form of interface design that uses audio and speaking as the main outputs and inputs. Conversation Design is the design of the flow of conversation that users have with these voice- based interfaces.
This research aimed to uncover an approach to conversation design that considered users interacting in their non-native speaking language.
This project was completed in 2018 as part of my Industrial Design honours project under the supervision of Pierre Proske.

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